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Insecticides Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India
We are insecticide Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters.The unit located in Haryana India | Best Quality Insecticide Technical Products | Crop Protection Insecticides | Systemic,Contact & fumigant & other Insecticides Agrochemicals of own as well as Contract Manufacturers Suppliers,i.e Exporters in India as per multinational norms.

Insecticides and Insect Growth Regulators : are chemicals used against insects. They include ovicides and Larvicides used against the eggs and larvae of insects, respectively. Insecticides are used in agriculture, medicine, industry, and general home use. The use of insecticides is believed to be one of the major factors behind the increase in agricultural productivity in the 20th century. Insecticides can be classified into two major groups: systemic insecticides and contact insecticides.

We provide Best Quality Crop Protection Insecticides Technical and Products formulation, manufacturing, supply and packaging job work services in India and for Export to various countries.

Our Insecticides/Crop Protection molecules as follows

1 Emamectin Benzoate-1.9% EC CIR-144580/2018-Emamectin Benzoate (EC) (379)-564[Click for details]
2 Emamectin Benzoate-5% SG CIR-144579/2018-Emamectin Benzoate (SG) (379)-563[Click for details]
3 Imidacloprid- 17.8% SL CIR-137792/2017-Imidacloprid (SL) (374)-1378[Click for details]
4 Imidacloprid-30.5% SC CIR-137791/2017-Imidacloprid (SC) (374)-1377[Click for details]
5 Imidacloprid-48% FS CIR-137789/2017-Imidacloprid (FS) (374)-1375[Click for details]
6 Imidacloprid-70% WG CIR-137790/2017-Imidacloprid (WG) (374)-1376[Click for details]
7 Imidacloprid-70% WS CIR-137787/2017-Imidacloprid (WS) (374)-1374[Click for details]
8 Cartap Hydrochloride-4% GR CIR-137784/2017-Cartap Hydrochloride (GR) (374)-581[Click for details]
9 Cartap Hydrochloride-50% SP CIR-137783/2017-Cartap Hydrochloride (SP) (374)-580[Click for details]
10 Cartap Hydrochloride-75% SG CIR-137797/2017-Cartap Hydrochloride (SG) (374)-582[Click for details]
11 Thiamethoxam-25% WG CIR-150511/2018-Thiamethoxam (WG) (387)- 1301[Click for details]
12 Thiamethoxam-30% FS CIR-150512/2018-Thiamethoxam (FS)(387)-1302[Click for details]
13 Thiamethoxam-70% WS CIR-144586/2018- Thiamethoxam (WS) (379)-1049[Click for details]
14 Thiamethoxam 75% SG CIR-156137/2018-Thiamethoxam (SG) (393)- 1644[Click for details]
15 Lambda Cyhalothrin 2.5% EC CIR-150514/2018-Lambda Cyhalothrin (EC)(387)-937[Click for details]
16 Lambda-Cyhalothrin 4.9% CS CIR-156136/2018-Lambda- Cyhalothrin (Capsule Suspension) (393)-1095[Click for details]
17 Lambda Cyhalothrin 5% EC CIR-150513/2018-Lambda Cyhalothrin (EC) (387)-936[Click for details]
18 Fipronil-0.3% GR CIR-149251/2018-Fipronil (SC) (386)-1686[Click for details]
19 Fipronil-5% SC CIR-149250/2018-Fipronil (SC) (385)-1685[Click for details]
20 Acetamiprid-20% SP CIR-144582/2018-Acetamiprid (SP) (379)-407[Click for details]
21 Chlorpyriphos-1.5% DP CIR-137788/2017-Chlorpyriphos (DP) (374)-791[Click for details]
22 Chlorpyriphos-10% GR CIR-137782/2017-Chlorpyriphos (GR) (374)-349[Click for details]
23 Chlorpyriphos-20% EC CIR-137793/2017-Chlorpyriphos (EC) (374)-792[Click for details]
24 Chlorpyriphos-50% EC CIR-137795/2017-Chlorpyriphos (EC) (374)-793[Click for details]
25 Triazophos-20% EC CIR-137786/2017-Triazophos (EC) (374)-322[Click for details]
26 Triazophos-40% EC CIR-137794/2017-Triazophos (EC) (374)-323[Click for details]
27 Bifenthrin-0.05% MC CIR-139211/2017-Bifenthrin (MC) (375)-568[Click for details]
28 Bifenthrin-2.5% EC CIR-139209/2017-Bifenthrin (EC) (375)-567[Click for details]
29 Bifenthrin-10% EC CIR-139207/2017-Bifenthrin (EC) (375)-565[Click for details]
30 Bifenthrin-10% WP CIR-139208/2017-Bifenthrin (WP) (375)-566[Click for details]
31 Ethion-50% EC CIR-139204/2017-Ethion (EC) (375)-249[Click for details]
32 Monocrotophos-15% SG CIR-137796/2017-Monocrotophos (SG) (374)-230[Click for details]
33 Monocrotophos-36% SL CIR-137785/2017-Monocrotophos (SL) (374)-229[Click for details]
34 Fenvalerate-0.4% DP CIR-139203/2017-Fenvalerate (DP) (375)-215[Click for details]
35 Fenvalerate-20% EC CIR-139206/2017-Fenvalerate (EC) (375)-216[Click for details]
36 Difenthiuron-50% WP CIR-139210/2017-Difenthiuron (WP) (375)-306[Click for details]

Above Mentioned list is approved and Granted by the Central Insecticides Board which comes under Government of India to M/s Spectrum Science Shelter Private Limited.